Support Our Students, Support Our Future

by | Aug 14, 2019

Anchorage students go back to school Thursday, August 15. They will return to classes carrying book bags filled with new supplies. Unfortunately, those pens and notebooks won’t last long. So at our office we purchase extra school supplies this time of year, and give them out at Halloween. Children can’t learn without the proper tools. We encourage you to look for ways to support our area students, teachers and classrooms. Our children are our future!

Hers are three easy ways you can support Anchorage students:

1.) Follow our lead and purchase extra school supplies and then give them away at Halloween, or stuff them in a Christmas stocking. School supplies are less expensive now than any other time of the year. So buying now will save you money.

2.) Adopt a teacher and their classroom. This is a really great idea if your own children are already through the school system and you just want to help out. Consider reaching out to the teacher to ask about needs. Almost every teacher spends some of their own money every year on school supplies their students need. Purchasing a gift card from your local box store will help a teacher and their students.

3.) Donate to a local school supplies drive. Almost every community has at least one non-profit agency that collects school supplies in August. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out where you can donate.

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