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Medicaid Planning and Eligibility

Applying for Medicaid eligibility in Alaska is a complex process with rules that change frequently. At the law office of Constance Aschenbrenner, we help our clients collect the right documentation and structure their financial resources in accordance with Alaska law. This gives them the best possible chance of being accepted into the Medicaid program, while protecting their home and other assets. 

Estate Planning Fundamentals

One of the best ways to protect your family is by creating a comprehensive estate plan. At the Law Office of Constance Aschenbrenner, we have experienced legal advisors who can develop a plan that will meet your individual needs. Our expert estate planners will walk you through each financial decision, resulting in a customized estate plan developed just for you and your family.

Probate & Estate Administration

When a family member or loved one dies, his or her estate often goes through probate. This is a court-managed process, unfamiliar to most, distributes the assets of the estate. How an estate moves through probate depends on the complexity of the estate, state and local laws, and the schedule of the probate court. Hiring an experienced Alaska estate administrator can make this process less difficult and painful.

The Law Office of Constance A. Aschenbrenner is committed to:

Providing honest and compassionate legal advice for your family.

Answering your questions and concerns about Alaska law and explaining what it means for your family.

Allowing each individual client the attention and focus needed to feel understood, with integrity intact.

Everybody needs a plan and it’s not dependent on the size of your estate.


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The 7 Threats to Your Estate Plan.

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Would you like to learn more about how you can protect your assets? Sign up for one of our free monthly workshops entitled, “The Seven Threats to Your Estate.” We offer this class several times throughout the month, at several different locations. Questions? Contact the Law Office of Constance Aschenbrenner to learn more about Alaska wills and trusts.


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From our office located in Anchorage, AK, we are committed to providing the kind of service usually found in larger firms. We can assist your family with estate planning, guardianship, long term care, end of life and more. If you aren’t sure if you need an attorney, contact our office to schedule a free consultation with one of our estate planning experts. 


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Education is essential as you begin your estate planning, and reading our blogs is a great place to start. Each article is written with the intent of providing a better understanding of a particular aspect of estate planning and elder law. Reading through the blogs will also help you develop a list of questions regarding Alaska wills and trusts. 

Imagine the excitement you will have when you finalize your estate plan and the calm, peace of mind, and relief you will have in knowing that you have a plan in place.

With more than two decades of experience in estate planning and elder law, The Law Office of Constance A. Aschenbrenner is ready to guide you through some of the most important decisions your family will ever make. When making plans for your family’s future, you’ll need a lawyer who knows Alaska law, and can weave your wishes and needs into a solid estate plan.

As we grow older, we face complex issues that can have a huge impact on our medical care, finances, and living arrangements. An estate planning lawyer can provide comprehensive legal services to help clients with decisions that directly affect their quality of life and the security of their future. The expert guidance of an experienced Alaska elder law attorney can give you some peace of mind. It’s also important that your estate planning lawyer provide sound legal advice in a sensitive and compassionate manner. We’ll take things step-by-step and explain your options clearly, so you can make the best decisions for your family.

Not only are we committed to providing comprehensive legal advice, we also take a special interest in ensuring that people in and around the Anchorage community are aware of all the issues facing aging adults. Sign up today for one of our free estate planning workshops.

Plan For Your Pet

Creating a plan for your pet may sound silly to some. But for many of us, especially seniors, our pets are our family members. Do you have a plan for your pet if you were incapacitated, either temporarily or permanently? What if you needed to go into residential care...

Support Our Students, Support Our Future

Anchorage students go back to school Thursday, August 15. They will return to classes carrying book bags filled with new supplies. Unfortunately, those pens and notebooks won't last long. So at our office we purchase extra school supplies this time of year, and give...

Funeral Planning

Funeral planning may sound morbid, but it can be your final gift to your family. You’ll have the opportunity to ensure the service is a reflection of your life with the music you’d like played or the readings you want included. It can save your family from having...

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is an important piece of your estate plan. Most people don’t want to give up control of their financial affairs or have others make medical decisions for them. But if you become mentally incompetent or physically incapacitated and can’t manage...

Talking About Your Estate Plan

Talking about your estate plan might make you uncomfortable, but it shouldn't. Dying is just another life stage. It's the most natural thing in the world. But there is something that keeps us from acknowledging our own mortality. Unfortunately that discomfort also...

Guardian and Conservator Exploitation

If you are appointed a guardian or conservator of an individual, it is vital that you understand Alaska law regarding conservator exploitation. It is so unfortunate, but from time to time the court has to deal with situations where vulnerable citizens have been taken...

How Can We Leave Our Home to Our Child?

Leaving your home to your child involves a number of different steps and considerations. You will have to determine the value of your estate and whether it will be taxed. You will also need to consider possible loss of control of the property, depending on how it is...

How Can Single Parents Protect Their Minor Children?

Estate planning is especially important for single parents with children. While every parent wants to provide for their children, it’s even more important for single parents, who have no other adult to step in, should the family suffer a crisis. For example, many...

Protecting Seniors From Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the biggest threats to seniors. As we age, sometimes we need help protecting the estate we've worked so hard to build. In the same way that we eat right and exercise to protect our bodies, or build a healthy social life, we must also take...

Things to Know About An Estate Plan

Estate Planning is really just a short phrase for a detailed process. Often times people put off estate planning because the decisions can be difficult. Decisions like "Who will be my beneficiary?" or "How will I divide my assets among my children?" or "Where do I...

Law Office of Constance A. Aschenbrenner

205 E. Benson Blvd., Suite 121-D Anchorage, Alaska

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