Your Elder Law Attorney is Your Trip Planner

by | Feb 12, 2020

A great elder law attorney is like a trip planner, for your life. Think of it this way. Would you leave for a cross country road trip without preparing for it first? Of course not, you say, particularly in a setting as challenging as Anchorage, Alaska. And yet, people do it all the time.

Elder Law Attorneys Mitigate Risk

How Risk Unfolds In Our Lives – Example

Here’s a story told to me by a friend of mine, about one of her neighbors. She was an accomplished, professional woman who had just retired and was setting off for a great adventure – a solo drive across seven states (including a major mountain range) to attend a self-improvement retreat. A new chapter of her life that was unfolding. She was excited about the experience ahead.

On the day she left, my friend bumped into her. She loaded her bags in the car and paused to say goodbye before she jumped behind the wheel. In the course of their brief conversation, she shared that her “check engine” light had come on two days before, but she hadn’t taken it to a mechanic to find out what was going on under the hood. She hadn’t had the car serviced in six months.

Additionally, an ice storm was moving in. A Winter Storm Warning had just been issued. My friend suggested she get her car checked or wait for the storm front to pass before she left.

“It’ll be fine!” said the woman, happily. “I’ll call AAA and join on the way!”

Her friends and family worried about her for the next three days, wondering if she’s made it across the mountains, or slid off the side of some remote road.

Everybody knows someone like this: adventurous, enthusiastic, but unprepared, running headlong into the great unknown.

What Can An Elder Law Attorney Do For Me?

Most of us make some basic preparations for a trip of any distance.

  • We check the tires.
  • Top off the fuel.
  • Get the oil changed.
  • Some of us keep an emergency bag in our vehicle in case of a breakdown.
  • Pack a little food.
  • Take clothes appropriate for our destination.
  • And we cover the other basics, too, like ordering prescriptions we need on a daily basis. Or asking a neighbor to keep an eye on the place while we’re gone.

Prepare For Contingencies

My point is, we prepare for the most likely contingencies so that we can successfully address any unexpected surprises that pop up along the way. We hope our journey is positive and uneventful, but just in case, we are prepared.

Elder law attorneys could also be thought of as trip planners (not to be confused with the voice from your vehicle’s GPS!) We’re here to help you navigate the most challenging parts of your life’s journey, to plan detours, identify the safest routes, and provide guidance so that you are confident in every phase of your journey.

An Elder Law Attorney Understands Your Family and Your Goals

A great elder law attorney takes the time to get to know you, and identify the goals, plans and desires you have for every member of your family. At my elder law firm here in Anchorage, my staff and I take great pride and satisfaction in helping our clients plan the best possible outcome for themselves – and everyone important to them. That’s the focus of our Vision Meetings – to get to know our clients so that we can better plan for them.

We Strive to Meet the Challenges of Every Client

At the Law office of Constance Aschenbrenner, we work to address new looming challenges for every client we serve, by pouring over Alaska legislative updates that could impact them down the road. We stay current with Alaska law, and keep an eye on national trends that could find their way to The Land of the Midnight Sun. Armed with that information, we advise course corrections that will safely get our clients to their desired destination.

Life and Families Are Always Changing

Life rarely goes as planned. Things happen. Loved ones get sick. Spouses die before their time. Children have special medical challenges. People get divorced. New families are formed. The list goes on. At my Anchorage elder law office, we’re not here to simply draft your final will and testament. We’re here to co-pilot your life’s great adventure. We want you to enjoy your journey, worry free. We focus on legislative changes, governmental rules and legal documents, so that you can get out there and live every exciting moment.

I would love to sit down with you and learn about your plans, dreams and goals. Contact me at (907) 334-0902 to schedule your own Vision Meeting with me today. I look forward to meeting you.

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