September Change The Battery

by | Sep 29, 2021

It’s almost the end of September. What are you thinking about? I can tell you what I am considering: yard clean up, planting last minute perennials, self care that includes cardio exercise daily and stretching and of course healthy foods and lots of water.

I will tell you what I have done. I bought four new 9 volt batteries so that I can change the smoke alarm batteries in my mom’s house and in my house. October is the month to change all of the batteries in these most important parts of your plan to keep your family safe. I am on it!!!

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are related to your estate plan, because they are all about the security of your family. Let’s plan to keep them safe and secure.

October is also the month to review your estate plan. Is it up to date? Did you have any life changing events in the last year that need to be included in your plan? Did you purchase or create assets that will trigger a probate? Is it time to update your plan?

I want you to put 9 volt batteries on your shopping list for your family’s house to replace both the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries. Second I want you to review your estate plan.

Who are the agents in your power of attorney and healthcare directive?
Do you still want these people to make decisions for you?

Who are the executors in your will?
Who are the trustees and successor trustees in your trust(s)?

Did you purchase real estate in the past year in Alaska or outside Alaska?
Did you transfer it into your trust?

Do you have more than $50,000 in personal property in financial accounts in your name alone?
If you do, then this will trigger a probate when you pass away. I can help you avoid probate.

Has your spouse’s or your health changed in the past year? What about your children’s health and your other beneficiary’s health?

Did any of your children get married or divorced?

Do you have concerns about your beneficiary’s lifestyles? Are all good at handling money, making good choices in your opinion? Do you like each of your beneficiary’s spouses or do you have concerns?

Let’s make your list:
1. buy 9 volt batteries
2. Call Connie Aschenbrenner, attorney, at (907)334-9200 to schedule time to review your estate plan.

I look forward to hearing that you bought your 9 volt batteries and to helping you review your estate plan.

Connie Aschenbrenner

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