Are you going on a bucket list trip?

by | Jun 28, 2022

Are you going on a bucket list trip? Or just a fishing trip?

Has your pain threshold approached the level that the doctor told you, if you get to this point, then we will schedule your surgery?

Has a good friend or family member just passed away?

Has your teenager just reached the milestone of becoming an adult?

Has your spouse’s health deteriorated to the point you are wondering how to care for him or her if you are not here?

Is your son or daughter married to a person who doesn’t handle money well or exhibits some other behavior that concerns you?

I ask clients why now? Why are you updating or creating your estate plan now?

Usually there is an event that causes them to take action. Usually there is an emotion attached to the event. I don’t want that to happen to my family.

No matter what is prompting you to act, my office is here to help you through this process.

It’s now time for you to update or create your plan. It’s a plan in case something happens to you, just like buying a pain medicine at the drugstore. You are prepared if and when something happens.

Come join me for my next estate planning workshop that explains what an estate plan is and how it works. It’s free, informal and is the first step in creating your plan. The workshop is called the 7 Threats to your Estate plan.

Our next workshop is July 12 starting at 9:30 am and July 27 starting at 6:00 pm. Call Colleen McClurg at (907)334-9200 or click here to register for the workshop.

We live in Alaska and need to be prepared for whatever comes our way.

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