A New Year

by | Jan 2, 2021

Happy New Year!!

I hope this letter finds you and your family well and enjoying our new year, 2021. It seems like yesterday was the year 2000 and we were worried about all of the computers in the world. This year brings new concerns, but more importantly, it brings new joys and celebrations.

Celebrate winter!

I am finding time to celebrate a new year with winter activities in Alaska by cross country skiing and walking. I enjoy the views in the park, especially seeing other skiers, whether they are just learning or ski like a pro. Our park also has a good sledding hill. I love hearing the kids squeal as they barrel down the slopes.

Inside, I am celebrating that the two orchids in my kitchen, one is white and the other is purple, are both blooming. I have been anticipating their blooming for over a month as the buds grew. It has been worth the wait. It is so exciting to have them bloom. Seems like they are screaming how healthy they are and that they love the west facing window into my backyard.

I am now working completely from home. All of my meetings are on the phone or on the computer using Zoom. For clients and me, it is the best way to stay healthy. I am conducting the vision, design, and review meetings from home. We are having clients come to my driveway to sign their documents from the comfort of their cars with masks on.

Our two Client Services Coordinators, Colleen McClurg and Jody Jaros, are also working from their homes. I am giving virtual estate planning workshops a few times each month. The full list of dates and times are on my website.

To sign up for a workshop you can call my office at 907-334-9200 or go to my website at www.akwillstrusts.com. I am hopeful that these dates will translate into live events during 2021.

I wish you a Happy New Year and many celebrations!

Connie Aschenbrenner


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